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Energy Efficient LG refrigerators

Federal efficiency standards took effect in 1993, requiring new LG refrigerators to be more efficient than ever before. The energy efficiency of LG refrigerators has improved dramatically over the past two decades, partially as a result of these new standards. The efficiency of a LG refrigerator is based on the energy consumed per year. The DOE standards set a maximum allowable annual energy consumption for different sizes and classes of refrigerators.

The energy bill for a typical new LG refrigerator with automatic defrost and top-mounted freezer will be about $55/year, whereas a typical model sold in 1973 will cost nearly $160/year. Most of the energy used by a refrigerator is used to pump heat out of the cabinet. A small amount is used to keep the cabinet from sweating, to defrost the LG refrigerator, and to illuminate the interior.

Tips and Tricks

How to install or remove common shelf supports

There are 2 common types of systems used to retain shelf support pegs. One has a center plastic plunger that when inserted causes barbs on the support is base to expand and lock the peg into place.
This type can often be identified by looking for evidence of a (now filled) center hollow. To remove these the center plunger has to be pushed right through the support peg using an awl or similar tool, to release the barbs.
To remove these the center plunger has to be pushed right through the support peg using an awl or similar tool, to release the barbs.
The other common type is twisted into place. To remove these, the very base of the peg needs to be grasped with a pair of pliers and twisted. Blunt nosed pliers work best for this when held perpendicular to the LG refrigerator interiors surface.
Once grasped firmly, the peg needs to be rotated clockwise 90 to release the support pegs retaining wires. After this is done, the peg should be loose and able to be maneuvered. The loose support may have to be manipulated slightly to align the retaining wires through the keyhole slot its mounted in. Once this is done, the old support can be removed.
To install the replacement, insert the new part in the keyhole shaped hole and again holding the base securely, rotate the peg 90 clockwise. It should now be tightly held in place

Heat or warmth around LG refrigerator doors!

Older refrigerators had electric heaters on the edges of the refrigerator cabinet to help prevent moisture from building up, especially in the hot/hazy weather in the summer time. These electric heaters usually had a switch where you could turn them on or off...had words like..."switch here to prevent moisture"...switch here in damp weather".... in the picture it is in the top left of the control assembly.
Then along came the energy crunch. The manufactures stopped using the electric heaters and started running a pass of the hot condenser tubing on the edges of the cabinet where the electric heaters use to be. This is often called a yoder loop tube SxS version and the yoder loop tube Top freezer version. This has now replaced the electric heaters. If you feel heat/hot around the door opening of your LG refrigerator you should....
- clean the condenser coils as a dirty condenser can make the tubing hotter than normal
- check/clean & replace if necessary the condenser cooling fan  motor, if the condenser fan motor is slow or has quit the yoder loop pass will get very warm/hot to the touch
- If the condenser coils are clean and the condenser fan motor is running ok, check the fresh food and freezer section temperatures...if the refrigerator is not operating well and the temps inside are warming up, you could feel more heat/warmth than normal.

LG refrigerator is leaking water inside the fridge

Most times this is a plugged defrost drain system. The defrost heater in the freezer section melts the frost and changes it to water, this water is suppose to flow down a drain system. If this drain system is restricted or plugged the water will leak inside the refrigerator. The drain system starts in the freezer section with a tray built under the evaporator coil. The water is funneled through a small hose into a cup in the top middle of the fresh food section (not on all models, but this is the most common way), from there, the water is directed out the back wall to a drain hose that runs down the back of the LG refrigerator into a condensing tray. The heat created under the fridge makes the water evaporate and disappear. Some of the cups (in the top back of the fresh food section) can be removed for cleaning. A turkey baster can be used to help clean out the drain system. Fill the baster with hot water and "blast" it into the drain hose to help flush it out. A piece of wire or pipe cleaner can also be pushed into the drain hoses to help clean then out. On a S x S style of fridge the drain system is in the bottom back of the freezer section and often you will have to remove the evaporator cover to access the drain hole. You can clean this out in the same manner as previously mentioned, but because of the water leaking into the freezer instead of the fresh food section you will have to remove the ice build up to clean out the drain system. For some reason Whirlpool has found a need to "hide" the drain hose inside the walls now (Whirlpool makes many of the Kenmore branded refrigerators) on there top freezer refrigerators. This makes accessing the drain hose to flush it out more difficult, no cup inside the fresh food section, no hose down the outside back wall and the only access is inside the freezer section behind the back false wall and under the evaporator coils.

Will my LG freezer or refrigerator work ok in my garage?

A freezer only (chest or upright) will often operate fine all year round, but a frost free refrigerator will usually quit during the cold winter months.
A refrigerator is meant to operate in normal room temps ( 68-71F ). The colder the room air gets around the LG refrigerator the less it will run. The closer the rooms air temperature gets to the normal fresh food section air temperature ( 37-40F ), the less the refrigerator will run and we risk the freezer thawing out.
Under extreme cold/freezing situations, the oil in the compressor could thicken up and cause permanent damage to the compressor. Dont let the garage temperature drop to much below 10 degrees Celsius (50F). Otherwise, the oil becomes thick and could cause premature compressor failure.

Modern  LG refrigerators:

Frost-free freezers are common companions to most LG refrigerators sold today. They keep ice buildup from forming in the freezer by adding a little heat to the coils every so often. Frost-free freezers have a timer, a temperature sensor, and a heating coil dedicated for the purpose. The timer is usually programmed to turn on the heating coils, which are wrapped around the cooling coils, about every six hours. This melts any ice that may be collecting on the coils. When the temperature sensor reads the temperature rising above 32 degrees, it turns the heating coils off. You may sometimes wonder why your ice cream bar isnt as frozen as it should be. Its probably because the heating coils were just on.
You can adjust the coldness in your LG refrigerator with a dial usually located either right in front or toward the rear on the inside of the LG refrigerator. Its basically a thermostat that tells the compressor when to turn off and on. Its important to know where to set the dial. If its too cold, some foods will freeze. If its not cold enough, some foods will spoil. The ideal temperature for inside a refrigerator is 37o F, while the freezer should be 0o F.

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